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Non Surgical Solutions

The Harley Medical Group

Renowned as one of the UK’s leading providers of cosmetic surgery procedures, The Harley Medical Group had a reputation that was second to none. At the time, new aesthetic non-surgical treatments had long been established in the USA and THMG were keen to leverage their position as leaders in the field of surgical procedures as well as non-surgical treatments. 

Laser hair removal was yet to be established in the UK and Botox and filler treatments were still in their infancy with limited exposure or availability.  A consolidated, branded ‘one-stop-shop’ concept was proposed for all non-surgical treatments for both men and women. Four months later, Non Surgical Solutions was launched in the UK across press, glossy ads, outdoor media and clinic locations. Ongoing monthly print campaigns promoting different NSS services, ran across all media including OOH and cross track and promotional brochures, mailers and patient focused comms were designed to target new and existing customers. A bespoke range of 16 products was also created and designed to complement the NSS brand and range of services offered by THMG. Over the 5 years of working as their sole Creative and Marketing agency, THMG became the UK’s leading provider of aesthetic cosmetic procedures and skin care products. + Sales Increased from c £10m-£32m + Clinic locations increased from 11- 35 + Non Surgical Procedures increased +300%


Creative/Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Naming and Brand Creation, Campaign Concept Development & Implementation, Launch and Media Campaigns, Packaging Design, Monthly Advertising Campaigns, B2C Comms, DM, Brochures & Print, Stationary, Clinic Interior Design, Event Design, Clinic Signage Poster Campaigns, Copywriting

Non Surgical Solutions Launch Advertising Campaign
thmg_59-643 copy.jpg

Designing a Bespoke Range of Products for THMG

A new product range was created as part of The Harley Medical Groups bespoke Non Surgical Solutions offer. The product packaging was designed to reflect the brand in style, tone and colour and the accompanying branded bags and brochures created a unified product offer. The range included 21 products in total.

NSS Brochure
The Harley Medical Group_Brochures


series of advertising campaigns were run nationally across print media, monthly glossy magazines as well as outdoor media including: bus shelters, main line train stations, tube car panels and cross track media on the Londons underground stations. 

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