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​"Create with the heart, build with the mind"

Having cut my teeth with some of the most innovative, challenging, 

out of the ordinary and previously unknown businesses and brands of our time,  I have a unique insight into the power of a great customer proposition and creative needed to bring it to life. Understanding what’s important and why, and the triggers that elicit the right response, is what drives me.


Being a ‘peopleoholic’ working with like-minded individuals to share ideas, try the untried and the unexpected, breaking a few rules and moulds along the way, fulfils my deep rooted curiosity and passion for helping brands and businesses stand out, rise above, be memorable and above all successful.


I’m Frances Myers. Creative, artist, filmographer, director and communications specialist. Globally experienced, B2B, C and E. Strategist by nature, unafraid of the contrarian view with a forensic eye for detail and ability to crack brilliant headlines.


Used to thriving independents destined for greatness, corporates, start-ups and able to bring and share expert experience within Pharma, Healthcare, Beauty, Lifestyle and Property. From initial seeds of an idea to full implementation across multi-channel/omni channel campaigns, with the ability to grow teams, shape cultures and share visions. 

A bit of history...

Frances’ first step on her creative journey, was to sign up for an Art Foundation Course at Bath Lane, Newcastle where she studied painting, print making, sculpture, textiles, graphic design & photography. The journey subsequently continued to Sheffield Art College where Frances graduated with a degree in Fine Art. Worldwide travel followed and the lure of bright lights in the big city of London in the late eighties ultimately became Frances’ new stomping ground. It was a chance lucky break as a ‘Kelly Girl’ earning a few bob working the phones at the then relatively small Body Shop, that kick started Frances' career as a creative. Opportunity knocked with the immortal ‘AB Fab’ moment when Anita Roddick dashed past reception frantically searching for ‘someone who could draw and knock out some posters in a hurry’ as the new Grapefruit Body Wash was about to be launched. Anita spotted the less than fully engaged dreamful Frances doodling behind the reception desk during a quiet moment, and with the immortal line that followed “can you draw?” - her first brief was given. The rest as they say is history - from young creative wannabe, to Creative Director working both sides of the Atlantic and across Europe for established household name brands to new start-up companies. Whatever the brief, Frances has always been driven and motivated by curiosity, creative excellence and the desire to find better ways to build engagement with sentiment. A feeling that 'creative' firmly sits within the power of a good story aligned to a business need, has always been Frances’ driving principle across a range of retail and business sectors. It’s the detail behind the detail and never accepting conventional wisdom or dogma that fires her passion for creative communication to meet business objectives and those affected by the final output. After eight years as the creative head of The Body Shop, working out of both the London and New York offices, Frances took the plunge to become a full time New Yorker and immersed herself in a wide range of businesses – from retail and architecture to personal care. Being a home bird at heart ( and possibly missing Greggs and the Toon Army ) Frances returned to London and joined Rodney Fitch as a Creative Brand Consultant working on all things retail, before becoming Creative Director and Co. Owner of Medicine Man - marketing communications creative agency. Thirteen years and three sons later, with numerous client wins and brand launches under her slightly wider belt, Frances decided to take time out, so she could spend time with her family. After an extended break the creative calling came knocking once again and Frances soon found a new home working in a new sector – Pharma. As Head of Creative for the World Leaders in Photoprotection, Frances set about building a new creative team whilst simultaneously driving the creative vision and communications news flow across multichannel, social and investor platforms. At the time, the world was in a state of flux as Covid and lockdown took over. Everyday challenges became amplified by the necessity to find new way of living, working, recruiting and communicating. Like the rest of the world, the new team adapted and after months of working together, Frances was delighted to finally meet her new team face to face! With a new sector portfolio under her hat to add to her years of experience creating, building and transforming, ideas, brands and businesses, Frances is looking for her next exciting challenge. She would love to get back to her roots in the arts or in film but most of all, she is propelled by a burning desire to work with great people and brands who believe when we ‘create with the heart and build with the mind,’ we make the world a better place.

The best ideas start as conversations...
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