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The Harley Medical Group

Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Specialists

As one of the UK's original providers of aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedures (since 1983) The Harley Medical Group had an enviable reputation that was second to non. Acknowledged as leaders in patient care and well-being, they provided some of the best surgical procedures available. 

However, with ever increasing competition, perception was that THMG was limited in terms of location, accessibility, high price point with a restricted offer (lack on non surgical treatments) They also needed to a complete brand refresh to appeal to a broader, younger audience.  ​Our remit was to create a fresh, dynamic brand proposition and service strategy that converted and delivered a premium yet accessible brand with a comprehensive range of products and services. ​The image of THMG was transformed and over a 5 year period, THMG was positioned as the UK’s leading provider of surgical and non surgical procedures and skin care products. ​Over the 5 years of working as their creative brand and marketing agency, THMG became the UK’s leading provider of aesthetic cosmetic procedures and skin care products. + Sales Increased from C10-£32M + Clinic locations increased from 11-35 + Non Surgical procedures increased +300%


Art Direction, Copywriting, Branding, Advertising, Copy, DM, B2C Comms, Print, Packaging, Interiors, Signage, Events.

Advertising Campaigns

New advertising campaigns were created with a new brand message of 'Inspiring Confidence' The campaign was aimed not only at women but with the dramatic increase in demand for male treatments, it also targeted men through monthly print media, DM and outdoor campaigns in major travel hubs.

Print & Marcoms

All B2C comms - brochures, clinic posters, procedures booklets, direct mail, stationary etc were designed to create a consistent brand message, look and feel.

Clinic Posters - Brand & Procedure Ads.

A suite of large format branded posters with campaign slogans and individual procedure advertising posters, were designed, printed and showcased in all Harley Medical clinics throughout the UK

Clinic Poster
Detail from THMG brochure
THMG Surgical & Non Surgical Brochures
THMG Brochures

Events - Body Beautiful Exhibition

Body Beautiful Exhibition - Earls Court Olympia, was a key events in the world of health, beauty and cosmetic aesthetics. A bespoke, branded stand design was created for The Harley Medical Group specifically for the event, creating an ideal platform for informal discussions, private consultations and key note speaker presentations.

Outdoor Media

Regular outdoor campaigns were run across main London travel hubs to coincide with monthly national print media ads. 

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