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Little Bird


Little Bird Restaurants

Cocktail Lounge & Restaurants

Little Bird is the latest brain child and award winning Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant owned by one of London’s leading female restaurateurs.

With its stylish, cool vibe interiors, ‘MeditAsian’ grazing menu and hand-crafted signature botanical cocktails, the Little Bird concept, takes premium casual dining to a whole new level that owner Lorrain Angliss was keen to roll out.  In order to develop a scalable concept there needed to be a clear understanding of the brand strategy, brand aspirations and brand offer. A complete brand review and audit was carried out with additional insights from site visits and customer and staff interviews. ​‘The Little Bird Brand Bible’ was created which defined and presented the key elements of the LB brand including: brand proposition, brand story, brand values, a new identity, visual language, tone of voice and brand application.


Brand Strategy, Branding, Brand Evolution & Application, Copy.

We create extraordinary food (sourced locally wherever possible) 

and delicious hand-crafted signature cocktails (shaken to order)  

stylishly served with a dash of panache in our cool, cosy interiors.


Welcome to Little Bird  

A  lounge lovers paradise where exceptional moments

are waiting to happen...

Brand Character


If Little Bird was a person...

She would be a small but perfectly formed human dynamo.

A vivid explosion of colour, a whirlwind of energy that illuminates spaces and hearts with

her warm effusive charm. She has a unique sense of fashion, that’s bold and corageous yet

stylish and undeniably cool.

She’s no stranger to challenges and never takes no for an answer.

She’s direct, to the point and knows her mind. She finds mediocrity intolerable, rules breakable and reinvention invigorating. She’s impatient for things to happen, always driving things forward, like the humming bird, moving at the speed of light from one thing to the next.


She’s a lover of life, people, family and friends and her effusive lust for good food, fun and

friends seeps into the heart and minds of all who know her. She sprinkles her invisible

magic sparkle wherever she goes and unknowingly, makes the world a much better place.

Work hard, love much and laugh often.
Be bold, independent, inquisitive and energetic, be thoughtful and compassionate, creative and daring. Take responsibility for your actions, give often, inspire those around you and embrace the ones you love but above all, always have the courage and endurance to accomplish your dreams.

Thank you for sharing my dream
Lorraine Angliss

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