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Access Plus


Access Plus 

Specialist Print Suppliers

Access Plus - a print management and business communications company, wanted a unique B2B marketing brochure that communicated their comprehensive, end to end service and broaden their reach and exiting customer base. 

A highly conceptual, visually led, brochure was created in the form of a 'patients medical file/folder.' Using medical stylised images and copy headlines, the concept centred around 'taking the pain away' for businesses in the process of - print management, distribution, data management, campaign delivery,  document management and storage. ​The brochure was delivered in a brown medical style folder with a 'break seal in case of emergency' closing sticker. Business case studies were presented in the form of individual patient files with the additional themed cover page of a semi transparent X-ray sheet to complete the conceptual piece.


Concept Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copy

'Select a communication management programme.

to reduce pulse rate, lower blood pressure and relieve symptoms

of stress and poor business performance.'

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